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Your Real Estate Taxes

by hemlane

Investment property taxes

Benefits of real estate investing

Tax season is always a reminder to get my financial plan organized. The US tax code is complex, but provides quite a few benefits for my real estate investment wallet:

  • Deductions — and just to remind you, here are the top 10
  • Depreciation — just remember, land doesn’t depreciate over time, unless you’re on the CA coast, yikes
  • Long-Term Capital Gains — a property sale is better than a 9-to-5 job
  • “Tax Free” Refinances / 2nd Mortgages — defer taxes and use proceeds for another property, where you may be able to deduct the interest from the loan
  • 1031 Exchanges — lessons from first timers … the time limits (45 days to identify, 180 to close) are more difficult to meet than you would expect