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Utah Tenant-Landlord Law

by hemlane


Eviction Laws

  • When it is failure to pay rent, the tenant has 3 days to pay you otherwise the eviction notice can be filed with the courts.
  • When there is another lease violation (e.g. subletting), the tenant has 3 days to resolve the violation from the point that the eviction notice is served. Otherwise the eviction notice will be filed with the courts.

Early Termination of Lease

When there is not a lease violation, but the landlord or tenant wants to break the lease, the following regulations apply:

Early termination by landlord

If the landlord wishes to terminate the lease early, the notice period must follow the duration of the lease, for example, 30 days notice for a month to month lease.

Early termination by tenant

If the tenant wishes to terminate the lease early, they are obligated to pay for the remainder of the lease (common acceptions apply - active military duty, unit is unsafe and violates health and safety codes, victim of domestic violence, landlord harrasses you).

For more information on Utah Landlord Tenant laws please visit their website here.