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Hemlane awarded 2018 Great User Experience and Rising Star Award

by Dana Dunford

Four years ago, we were struggling to find a solution between do-it-yourself and full service property management. We embarked on a mission to create not just another property management software, but rather an unbundled solution to build a local and virtual team to help improve property management.

Fast forward to today.

Hemlane is proud to have received the 2018 Great User Experience and Rising Star award by Finances Online.

Our overall score of 8.0 is a magnificent opening act to what our team has in store. We've got news - we're just getting started and we're ramping up with some of the latest innovations in the industry.

Here are some of the key highlights of our opening act:

  • Our commitment and excitement of using the latest and most advanced technologies to improve the results for our customers in all facets of their management process.
  • Our focus on working with small - mid size operators including owners, real estate agents and property managers by enabling them with simple tools to get big results.
  • Recognizing that we are bringing tools & processes usually reserved for enterprise clients to the smaller guys, while still exuding simplicity.
  • Our focus on not just building tools & features, but rather, understanding we are committed to turning your rental properties into successful ventures. We offer an excellent marketing & screening process to get you the best qualified tenant.
  • Lastly, highlighting our expanded value offering, we have an integrated service to handle all your repair & maintenance calls and a national network of real estate agents to be your local support no matter where you are in the world.

We are so thrilled with the positive reception from our friends at Finance Online. We want to remind you that we don't see ourselves as another software, building features, but we are a full rental-life cycle solution that addresses your rental operations wholistically.

How does Hemlane address 100% of the management process? Hemlane is not simply a collection of features that solve an obvious need (like collecting rent or listing your property). Hemlane takes all these basic requirements, gives you the best tools on the market for each, then weaves them into a process with built-in protection and processes. Here are some key examples:

  • Hemlane advertises your property to 40 websites. Not just 1 or 8. 40. We do this because we understand qualified tenants have different search habits and the best way to get you as many qualified tenants as possible, is to get you the maximum exposure.
  • Once you get these qualified leads, Hemlane helps you respond to them in a timely matter through automatic showing scheduling, application invitations and question notifications to you. This quick response will make your properties management seem the most attractive so you can pick the very best tenant.
  • Hemlane automates the application & screening process protecting you from Fair Housing violations. We do this by allowing applicants to apply 24/7, reducing the chance of discriminatory practices and only asking legal qualifying questions and guiding you on making a decision utilizing only fair housing compliant attributes and even providing a recommendation with our algorithm.
  • We hope you never have to experience an eviction, but if it happens, Hemlane has protections in place. Did you know that accepting even $10 of rent can count as a payment and delays your ability to evict the tenant within that month? Professional tenants know how to abuse the system, and Hemlane has protection in place to protect you.
  • Are you keeping all the appropriate financial data you need for taxes and your business planning up to date? With Hemlane, simply track and categorize your income and expenses, while we help with the rest.
  • Turnovers can be one of the largest expenses for landlord , and not managing them properly will cost you. Hemlane notifies and prompts you when a lease is ending and helps with a renewal or the turnover.
  • Maintenance can make or break your operations. Avoid liabilities, bending over backwards for tenant damage, and late night responsibilities. We help you manage repair items effectively and reduce costs with all details tracked appropriately.
  • Our US-based mainteannce coordination team can also help get best-practice results, while allowing you to be hands off.
  • Don't live in the same city as your rental properties? Hemlane has a national network of licensed agents who can be your boots-on-the ground and follow best practices for showings, inspections and more.

Every day, we enable rental owners, real estate agents, and property managers to achieve a new level of excellence with their rental properties. We inspire a new level of confidence to enable them to build their portfolios, knowing that they have a long term management partner who is committed to an ever evolving solution. As the rental market and the fabric of our society evolves, Hemlane will build and improve to keep you one-step ahead.

We are excited for the challenges and speed bumps ahead, and the success we'll have to labor hard for - but shall achieve. However, we are most excited for the positive impact this will have on our customers.

Thank you once again Finance Online, we are most honored and humbled once again for your recognition and are most thrilled at the complete rental ventures solution we are bringing to your esteemed readers.

Stay tuned everyone. The value is just beginning.