Hemlane awarded 2018 Great User Experience and Rising Star Award

Hemlane was recently commended by independent SaaS review platform FinancesOnline for its “comprehensive” rental lifecycle manage tools, which provide an intelligent and smart way to manage rental properties and have been highly recommended by clients.

FinancesOnline conferred Hemlane with the Great User Experience award for 2018 and Rising Star award for 2018 in recognition of the platform’s value proposition for property owners and managers. Their business software experts analyzed our platform under their property management software category, comparing and contrasting us with the various leading solutions on the market. In this regard, this is why the Rising Star award is meaningful to our team, as this indicates that Hemlane is getting recognition on the global market due to positive user feedback from customers.

But what makes Hemlane stand out from other rental property management solutions? As discussed by FinancesOnline in their Hemlane overview, our platform provides property managers and owners several benefits, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Over 40 rental listing websites to enhance awareness and gain great quality leads.
  2. It makes tracking and qualifying prospective tenants “a breeze.”
  3. It features “powerful tools” for tracking prospective tenant progress online.
  4. It provides you with “comprehensive reports” on each tenant.
  5. It allows you to connect with local experts
  6. It offers US-based maintenance coordinators

We’re delighted to have received this glowing recommendation from FinancesOnline. More importantly, we would like to thank all Hemlane users for your amazing support throughout.

Our overall score of 8.0 is a magnificent opening act to what our team has in store. We've got news - we're just getting started and we're ramping up with some of the latest innovations in the industry.

We enable rental owners, real estate agents, and property managers to achieve a new level of excellence with their rental properties. We inspire a new level of confidence to enable them to get peace of mind with their rentals. As the market evolves, Hemlane will build and improve to keep you one-step ahead.

Thank you once again Finance Online! we are most honored and humbled once again for your recognition and are most thrilled at the complete rental solution we are bringing to your esteemed readers.

We highly value all user feedback, so please feel free to leave a user review on FinancesOnline to let us know about your experience with Hemlane.

Stay tuned everyone. The value is just beginning.

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