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Spring - Rental Maintenance Guide

by hemlane

These preventative measures can save you from maintenance hassles during the summer season. Happy spring cleaning!

Exterior Drainage

Check that water on the ground drains away from the rental. Looking for puddles after a rainy day will help, as they should drain within 24-36 hours. If water stays or moves towards your foundation, contact a professional to change the pavement to slope away from the house.

If there are cracks in the foundation and water is coming through, then contact a foundation specialist. A good silicone/caulk gun can fix most of these problems.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Depending on your location, you may check the gutters during the spring, autumn or both seasons. You can view details about the roof and gutter cleaning here.

Air Conditioner

This entirely depends on your home as different units tend to use different systems. Sometimes it’s a window unit, central heating, or a swamp cooler. Regardless of the type of AC unit, make sure that it works and is ready for the heat of the summer. Check the AC filter and replace if needed. Here’s a video by to help with the process. If your unit is located outside, clear branches or vegetation from blocking the vents.

Professional servicing can also save time, money, and headaches. These inspections can typically be done for as little as $100.


Look for damaged, cracked or broken windows and screens. Bug infestations are some of the biggest headaches with rentals.


  1. Remove dead trees
  2. Trim the bushes and grass
  3. Remove unwanted tree branches
  4. Make sure foliage is away from electrical lines
  5. Check your sprinklers for deterioration and leaks
  6. Clear weeds and plants that are too close to the rental


Search for signs that indicate insects and critters have colonized. Also, search aggressively for mold, which often takes the form of gray or black blotches that look like staining. Proper insulation and good ventilation will deter mold growth in the attic. By taking action during the spring, it will prevent the problem from developing in the warmer months ahead.


Check grout and look for cracks and excessive deterioration. Regrout and seal if necessary. Also, confirm no pipes are not leaking.


If you have a masonry chimney, check the joints between bricks or stones. Have any fallen out? Is there vegetation growing out of them? Each signals water infiltration and should be checked.


Make sure your fire & CO2 alarm is working, as well as any additional security and safety systems in the rental unit.

Disclaimer: This is a checklist for general items to check and clean throughout the spring season. We do not claim to have a complete list nor does this constitute a comprehensive list of items needed to be repaired or maintained. Your specific property may have needs that exceed or expand on this list, and for these instances, it is up to you to decide what is best for your property.

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