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Emergency Request Guide

by hemlane

This is a guide to determine whether a maintenance and repair request submitted by a tenant is considered urgent. In the event that there is imminent danger to your health or safety, dial 911 immediately.

Urgent Requests

  1. Water Leak
    When there is any flooding or constant water flow.
    While you wait for assistance:
    (1) Turn off the water source, which is either the line to the broken pipe or the main water supply line.
    (2) Take photos in the event an insurance claim needs to be filed.
    (3) Unplug any electronics in close proximity.
    (4) Put a bucket underneath any water pipe that may be dripping water.
    (5) Mop up any water that may be on the floor or causing damage.
    (5) Point fans towards any water that you cannot remove (e.g. in carpet or cracks).

  2. Water Heater
    When the heater has burst.
    Please see the steps above, as you will want to turn off the cold water supply line and flip the electrical box breaker for the hot water tank.

  3. Heating
    When it is below 60 degrees outside.

  4. Air Conditioning
    When it is above 85 degrees outside.

  5. Burning or Melting Outlet
    When you see or smell an electrical outlet burning or melting.
    Additional recommendation: Turn off the breaker.

  6. Gas Smell
    When you smell gas or your carbon monoxide detector sound. Dial 911.

  7. Fire
    Exit the premises safely. Dial 911.

Not Urgent Requests

  1. No Hot Water
    No water is urgent but hot water is not unless it has been more than 2 days without hot water.

  2. Toilet Backup
    Only urgent when the entire plumbing drain system is stopped (all sinks and drains).

  3. Noise Complaints
    Can be dealt with by calling 911.

  4. Assigned Parking Spaces
    Not considered an emergency.

  5. Electricity Outage
    Only an emergency after you have confirmed with the electric company that there is no outage on the grid.

Disclaimer: This is intended to help determine whether or not the request is urgent. These are general guidelines from what we have experienced to be high priority emergency requests with a rental, however Hemlane is not liable for any inaccuracies that may arise as a result of extraneous circumstances. In the event of a true emergency make sure to safely exit the premises and dial 911.

Photo Cred:
Alex Simon