Hemlane vs. TenantCloud: Which Software is Best for Me?

Property management can be as easy as 1, 2, and 3 when you have the right support for your properties. That is why choosing the right property management software is crucial for success with your rentals. Each platform has its strengths, but where will you find the best service and product?

In this article we will give you a breakdown of the differences between Hemlane and TenantCloud, to help you decide which platform works the best for you with your business as a landlord.

Get the Phone Support You Need

From figuring out a rent payment on the first of the month to an emergency repair ticket, you and your tenants need a fast turnaround on support. And, some tenants are not as tech-savvy as others. A responsive team to help answer questions or walk you and your tenants through the software and services is crucial.

Hemlane provides you with multiple channels to connect with the support team. The team is available via phone, online, or email to troubleshoot and provide detailed solutions. Your tenants even have a direct line to ask questions about setting up bank accounts, making payments, and other property management tasks. Having multiple open channels for communication allows you to ensure your business runs smoothly!

At TenantCloud, the level of support you have access to depends on your subscription package. With the starter package, you will have access to their ticket system whereas to gain access to speaking to a representative, you are required to upgrade to the Growth or Business plans.

Make Repairs Easy with 24/7 Coverage

When repairs are needed at your rental, who does your tenant call? The Hemlane platform staffs a 24/7 repair coordination team to assist with the maintenance and repair requests submitted by your tenants. They understand that you have a life outside of property management! A repair coordinator will troubleshoot repair issues, schedule service appointments with vetted service professionals, and keep you in the loop with updates so you know that your property is taken care of 24/7. And, they are consistently rated 4.8 stars.

On the other hand, TenantCloud provides only software that provides you a list of local vendors to connect with to complete repairs at your properties. While that sounds amazing, these professionals may not be available to do the work and there is no guarantee on the quality of the work.

Hemlane vs. TenantCloud: How Do They Compare?

When comparing these platforms, it is much easier to see how the two stack up with the help of a checklist! Use the below checklist to compare the two platforms and make an informed decision when choosing your next and last property management software.

Features Hemlane TenantCloud
Rent estimate tool Yes No
Listing on partner sites Yes, to 30+ websites Yes
Custom listing page Yes Yes
Applications Yes Yes
Application recommendation Yes No
Tenant credit & background checks Yes, $30 comprehensive Yes, $39
Rent payment Yes, $0 transaction fees with all plans Yes, ACH payments with upgraded plans
Automatic owner distribution Yes No
Automatic payments Yes Yes
Manual payments Yes Yes
Maintenance requests Yes Yes
Maintenance troubleshooting Yes No
Maintenance coordination Yes No
24/7 US based call center for coordination Yes No
Network of service professionals Yes No
Ticket + phone support Yes Only with upgraded plans
Financial reports Yes Yes
Custom reports Yes Yes
Communication Yes Yes
Onboarding calls Yse Not listed
Renewal reminders Yes No
Free Team Accounts Yes Only with upgraded plans
Number of bank account connections Unlimited Not listed
Portfolio organization Yes No
Upload limit of photos and documents Unlimited Starting at 512MB
Add-on: network of leasing agents Yes No

The Best Property Management Software for You

Choosing the right platform means to choose the one that will help grow your business. This is why Hemlane provides you with the tools you need to automate the day-to-day of property management. From marketing your rentals to rent collection to maintenance and repair coordination, getting support with the full rental lifecycle has never been easier. Don’t believe us? Try Hemlane for 1 month free and see why our users are giving us 5-star reviews consistently!

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