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Agent Handbook

We look forward to having you as a partner on Hemlane. As we connect you with local rental owners, here are some quick tips to get you started. Welcome to Hemlane!

Before a rental showing appointment

Communication on schedule and pricing

Please make sure that you have discussed pricing and your schedule with the owner in advance. In most cases, you will have a consistent price and day / time dedicated to work for the owner.

Advanced availability for showings

Many tenants like to book a showing in advance. We recommend that you have enough showings on the calendar to accommodate the upcoming two weekends.

Do I need to show up for a property showing without sign ups?

If you have listed yourself as available for a showing but no one has scheduled it, then you do not need to attend the showing nor do you charge the owner.

Unqualified tenants for showings

We send over the tenant's qualifications before the property showing. If the credit or income is low (answered “no” to those questions), then you may want to talk to the owner about canceling their specific appointment.

Access and details on the property

A link to details on the property will be listed in Hemlane. To gain access to the property, you will want to connect with the owner.

Be on time

Please make sure that you are always on time for any appointments. Aim to be there at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

It never hurts to call

Before meeting with a tenant, it never hurts to call and confirm they will be on time. This is especially applicable when there is only one tenant scheduled.

During your appointment

Sell the property during a showing

As an experienced sales agent or property manager, you know how to sell the place through discussing the great amenities and surrounding areas. Please remember to abide by Fair Housing.

Prospective tenant questions during a showing

If the question is listed on the property details, then you can provide the answer from there. If you cannot find the answer, then note it down and let the owner know. You can follow up via email with the tenant after the appointment.

Next steps

After the showing, a tenant will receive an email with an application link. The application is free. Most owners will require a background and credit check after the showing, which is typically $30.

After your appointment

Locking up the rental

Make sure everything is locked up after being at the property. And, make sure the key is secured with where it needs to be.

Communication with the owner

Whether you send them an email or call them, property owners love to hear how things went at their property. Please make sure to update them as soon as possible, after you leave the property.

Frequently asked questions

What if a tenant did not show up?

We provide you with their contact information to connect with them. Nonetheless, tenants can be very flaky with showings and move in and out appointments. Use your discretion on how much to charge the owner for "no shows." If you only had to wait 5 minutes before confirming the tenant is a “no show," then perhaps you do not charge your full rate. However, if you waited for the entire length of the showing without receiving a response from the tenant, then it may be appropriate to charge your showing rate.

Does a tenant need to register for the showing?

Yes, we request all prospects register for a showing. If they email you separately, we request that they still officially register for the showing. It is for both your safety and for our tracking.